What the heck was I thinking?

While vacationing on Oahu several years ago I met a very interesting lady.

A mutual friend had come to Seattle and I helped him with technical advice and logistics in the purchase of a boat and a motor vehicle to be transported to Honolulu. He insisted that I contact him the next time I made it to Hawaii

By the time I made it over there my brother had been doing some work for Ms. Duke for some time. I spent a few days there taking pictures and being amazed. The security gate motor was out of commission due to faulty wiring. The phones were spotty due to faulty wiring, ancient artwork was being destroyed by insects, it was fascinating.

We had a long talk about her phones. This was pre cellphone and the LEC insisted she could have no more lines.... I talked about how phone lines really worked and tried to explain that it would not be impossible, just (in my view) expensive to double the number lines with the available equipment. She liked that I knew about real estate, property management, and technical issues.. I liked that she was so interested in my opinions.

I had no idea that she was dissatisfied with how her New Jersey estate was being managed and I was really being tested by her. One day she said she and Chandi were leaving and asked if I wanted to go with them. Cool! A trip to the airport, I love airplanes!

I still had no idea who she really was. When we got to the airport a golf cart was waiting for us, it took us straight to the American Airlines club, no stopping for the 'you can't take that plant with you' line. That is what really impressed me. There I was sipping free ginger ale between two women and getting to watch airplanes in Honolulu, life could not be much better. That's when Ms. Duke realized that she had to explain that I was going on the plane WITH them. to manage some issues at the New Jersey estate. I was very surprised.
I declined her offer.

When told of this my brother Bob said he really wanted this opportunity. So, when Doris called later that day from her place in California we were able to convince her to give Bob a chance. He is gone now but he sure lived a full life.

Below is my favorite of the photos I took at Shangri La.

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