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A Little Home Work

Network Camera
Login: shoreline
Password: zip98155

Insulated Doors!

New Doors
I thought it would be nice to replace the old aluminum slider with french doors that I found at  Frank Lumber in Shoreline.

Facing SSW

View from a corner
I like to avoid outside work,
but now I noticed a little clutter.

Spare parts

More Stuff
Perhaps adding a fountain, power outlets, and replacing the old picket fence with something more substantial would help.
Nope. Still a mess.

A little better

So I put a new surface on the patio by the door,
laid out some I/O carpet to hide the concrete surface,
and threw away a lot of cool stuff (junk) that had collected in the dog run.
(No animals were harmed.)

Home Depot is too close

Wood Deck
Things have gotten out of control.
Since I had no dog, less stuff, and an open space,
I decided to screw some wood down.

Deck in progress

Stain in progress
Then I had to stain it and I decided I had to cover the entire length.

Laying bricks...

Making Concrete Bricks
Maybe it was the cheese,
but I had to cover the concrete.
With MORE concrete!

Concrete, water, and stain.

Concrete Bricks Drying
Some people have a hangup about starting from a square corner and working in a straight line.

I think way out of the box.

Now I am a sculptor

What do you do when the mold extends past a ledge?


Looking better

Almost done
Add some sand and trim up the face...

Party like its 1977

Night Shot
Thats right, babe magnet.
Got the lava lamp and disco ball on order.


Babe Magnet
Speaking of babe magnets,
check out that Seattle tan!
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