How the heck did you end up here?

Weather Underground PWS KWAPORTA129

Finally bought a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone online.
First one I received had a bad battery. No response of any kind when you press the "on" button. No response to charger connection either.

So, as I waited out the replacedment process I ordered up some accessories.
So much for the great price I got on my origional order.

The spare battery I ordered behaved normally to the button press and proved the charger worked.
I immediatly sent the bad kit back and continued to wait for the replacement Phantom.
That's right, they could not replace just the defective battery, everything had to go back.
For a product in the $800 range you might think......

I forgot to hit the record button on the first flight...
So, here is the first flight with the video turned on: DJI_0004.m4v (114 Mb)

I'm wearing a motorcycle helmet with a GoPro on it so I can review my side of the interaction.
Maybe get some brilliant commentary to superimpose later.
On this one I forgot to turn the GoPro onto record... DJI_0006.m4v (45 Mb)

What ever.

Maybe next time.

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